Clubs & Activities

Join one of our many clubs to connect with peers who share your interests, learn a new skill, or pursue your passion.


Academic Decathlon (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Hershey

Art Club (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Smolen

Creepers and Crawlers (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. McFadden

FBLA (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Robinson

FFA (Future Farmers of America) (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mr. Dean

FHA (Future Homemakers of America) (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Stoughton

FTA (Future Teachers of America) (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mr. Borkowski

Garden Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Smolen

Improv Club
Sponsor: Mr. Markle and Mrs. Markle

Japanese Club (Grades 7–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Stoltz

Junior High Student Council
Sponsor: Mr. Morrow and Mrs. Kleemook

Math Club (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mr. Smith

Mock Trial (Grades 11–12)
Sponsor: Mr. Morrow

Moniteau Mentors (Grades 7–12)
Sponsor: Miss Nussbaumer

National Honor Society (Grades 11–12)
Sponsor: Ms. Baker

National Jr. Honor Society (Grades 7–8)
Sponsor: Mr. Neff and Mrs. McDowell

Pentathlon (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Hershey

Sign Language Club (Grades 7–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Spaugh

Spanish Club (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Señor Volpe

Stock Market Club
Sponsor: Mr. Borkowski

Student Council (Grades 7–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Borkowski

Warrior with a Heart
Sponsor: Mrs. Smolen

Writing Center (Grades 9–12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Alessio

Sophomore Class (Grade 10)
Sponsor: Miss Nussbaumer and Mrs. Miner

Junior Class (Grade 11)
Sponsor: Mr. Neff and Mrs. Stoughton

Senior Class (Grade 12)
Sponsor: Mrs. Kleemook and Mr. Borkowski