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As you know, during the shutdown in March the Pennsylvania Department of Education canceled both the Keystone Exams and the PSSA’s. However, the state has offered the opportunity for students to take the Keystone Exams. At this time there is no plan to have students take the PSSA’s from the 2019–2020 school year. For more information, please read our testing update letter in its entirety, and review the Pennsylvania Keystone Exams information for parents or guardians.

Literature Biology Algebra
BRICK 9/28 & 9/29 (Pds. 1-3) 9/30 & 10/1 (Pds. 1-3) 10/5 & 10/6 (Pds. 1-3)
CLICK 10/6 @ 3:30pm 10/8 @ 3:30pm 10/13 @ 3:30pm
Senior Proficiency 9/28 (Pds. 1-3) 9/30 (Pds. 1-3) 10/5 (Pds. 1-3)