Fine Arts 

The arts surround us—the music we listen to, the pictures we see, a store logo, a website design, and even the food we eat. The arts offer us opportunities to not only express our own creativity but to evoke emotion in others. We believe in the beauty and necessity of including the arts in education and offer a wide range of fine arts courses for our students to participate in.

Art History (Grades 9–12)
Band (Grades 9–12)
Ceramics (Grades Vary by Level)
Chef’s Corner/Creative Cooking (Grades 11–12)
Choir (Grades 9–12)
College & Career Portfolio (Grades 10–12)
Dance & Drill Squad (Grades 9–12)
Drawing (Grades 10–12)
Family & Consumer Sciences (Grades Vary Based on Level)
Media Production (Grades 9–12)
Music Appreciation (Grades 9–12)
Popular Culture & Media (Grade 12)
Studio Arts (Grades Vary by Level)
Yearbook Production
Two students playing the piano together in the music appreciation classMale students practicing the piano in the music appreciation classFemale students playing the piano in the music appreciation classStudents practicing the piano in the music appreciation class